Crap Putèr

Tuesday was our first full day in Scuol. For the mornings adventure training we decided to go to a nearby castle which had a bunch of trails on the hillside behind it. I choose a route which I thought would be about 18km. It went up from 1400m to 2360m, to a peak called Crap Putèr.

We parked near the castle. Most of the climb to the top was on drivable gravel roads. On the way up I had a broken conversation with a guy in 4wd, he was trying to tell me it would take a long time to get to the top, I told him not to worry and headed off. The last 25%ish of the climb was on what I guess is Swiss single track but was really off trail with the occasional painted symbol to keep you headed in the right direction. I had bought a map which also came with a code to get the map into an app on my phone, which was handy for using gps to check my position (Celia took the physical map).

After an hour I reached the top. It was a bit clouded over but still had occasional good views. It was a bit windy so I only stopped for long enough to take a few pictures and began my descent. I went back down a different way toward the village of Ardez which is about 6km up the main Valley from the start point. The track was especially hard to follow for this part. In many places the grass wasn’t even worn down, so you couldn’t follow a track. The shoes I had weren’t great here as they didn’t have enough grip to keep my feet from sliding out when sidiling along hills. Probably the low point of the run was zigzaging down one of those grassy alpine clearings. I did well not to hurt a wrist or my tailbone as I kept falling again and again. I was happy to get back to a gravel road where I could make some progress. This changed back to some single track that was more runnable than the first part. Along the way was a very springy bridge which I confidently ran a few steps onto before almost getting bounced off! Back onto a vehicle road that went all the way down the valley and across the river on a large vehicle bridge. On the far side of the river was some single track that had it all in a short length, about 2km. There was steep ascent and descent, runnable, rocky, grassy. It was hard to keep up with the best running style for each piece of terrain, and to make it more difficult the rain rolled in, pouring down before long. The track came back down to the river and this time the bridge was a “not the most recently maintained swing bridge”. The river was raging below me and I had a nice grip on the wires as I walked across.

The rest of the run back was fairly gentle after the climb out of the river. The trail lead through farm land and a village before coming back in view of the castle signifying my start point. Along the way I got a text from Celia saying she was at the top of Crap Puter where I had been. I was super stoked as she was only going to run for an hour. She is on her way back now as I write this. There’s thunder. It’s pouring. I bet she’s killing it, she’s so awesome 🙂

The route. Note the GPS glitch

A water source, typical trail marking, carved bird.


From Alp Laish, looking back down toward Scuol
Hikers hut, should have taken a closer picture
Looking further up the valley from near the top
Nearer to the top, looking west to the main valley
Similar view from the top, there were no clouds on this side
Higher peaks up the ridgeline
Looking east through a break in the clouds, PC: Celia
The trail back toward Ardez. Pretty narrow, slipped a few times
Ardez from the south side of the river

A tunnel on the road, the river, the swing bridge

Castle in site, almost there
Going through a village, the designs on the houses are called graffito I think
Castle at the end, note Portuguese flag!



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